Weighted Blankets Plus

Weighted Blankets Plus offers the most innovative organic sleeping aid which provides relaxation and comfort at any time of the day. The Weighted Blanket can easily be described as the "Best Hug Ever!" Weighted Blankets Plus takes the idea of the normal everyday blanket and adds weight to calm the entire body. The Weighted Blanket is made to accommodate every person in the family in various sizes as well as fabric patterns and colors. However, Weighted Blankets Plus does not stop at just the Weighted Blanket, that is why added the Plus! We also offer Weighted Neck Wraps, Weighted Lap Pads, and Weighted Cuddle Buddies (Stuffed Animals). These every day items create that same calm and relaxing feeling while on the go. Take a moment from your busy schedule to get your new favorite blanket, plus a little more! 

Weighted Blankets Plus' organic sleeping aid and cuddle options are also great accessories to have on hand in any school classroom, clinic, or hospital. Weighted Blankets Plus created our Weighted Blanket to provide an immediate calming sensation in any situation. They were also created to be easily washable for sanitary purposes. So, provide an unforgettable experience for your next student or client wanting them to come back time and time again by offering a incomparably comfortable situation. 

Mission Statement: 
Weighted Blankets Plus' mission is to provide every person alive with a level of comfort they have never experienced before by offering a night of comfortable and uninterrupted sleep.