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We live in a world that continues to get busier and more hectic. Our day to day schedules have become jammed packed with work, meetings, errands, and countless hours of staring at a digital device. This all leaving us exhausted and unable to get a good night of rest and the only solution is the medications offered to help induce sleep. Well, Weighted Blankets Plus has a simple household necessity that can change all of that!

Blankets are a simple necessity that everyone has in every home and on every bed, but we have a blanket that can change the way you sleep at night. Weighted Blankets is a simple solution that is guaranteed to help you not only sleep through the night, but to get a quality night of sleep. A Weighted Blanket, Weighted Stuffed Animal or Weighted Lap Pad can help those with Autism or children learning to self-soothe. Uses include car rides, classrooms and areas where sitting can be challenging for an extended period of time.

What exactly is a Weighted Blanket