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Weighted Blankets for Sale — The Best Hug Ever
There’s a reason why they say weighted blankets give you The Best Hug Ever. Both young people and adults with autism and sensory processing disorders crave the calming physical stimulus that weighted blankets provide. The gentle pressure is like an all-body hug that calms, relaxes, and soothes, for deep and restful sleep.
Here at Weighted Blankets Plus, we have weighted blankets for sale in all sizes for every member of the family, or for the whole family to share. Our three-pound weighted blankets are the perfect size for children. If your child suffers from restlessness and sleeplessness caused by autism or another sensory processing issue, a weighted blanket can help. Weighted blankets are also a safe solution for childhood insomnia.
Weighted blankets for autism and Asperger’s sufferers provide deep pressure stimulation distributed evenly across the whole body. Cuddling up with a weighted blanket can also calm stressed and anxious children while they’re awake. Our weighted blankets are made with tiny glass beads, made and tested for even pressure distribution, and covered with durable, washable, soft, and cozy fabric.

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Small (3lb) Lap Pad - Solid Color
Get comfort and relaxation on the go with a Weighted Lap Pad from Weighted Blankets Plus. Their soft fabric, comfortable filling material, and warming pressure offer the same experience as a Weighted Blanket, whether your at the office working, in a class learning or at a coffee shop lounging.