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Get the Best Hug Ever With Our Weighted Blankets and Lap Pads
The benefits of weighted blankets for autism, anxiety, insomnia, and RLS cannot be denied. Studies show that weighted blankets can help kids with autism spectrum disorders fall asleep, because the weight provides gentle pressure that mimics the feeling of being securely held and cuddled. It’s called deep touch therapy, and it stimulates pressure points all over the body that cause the brain to release serotonin.

Just as our weighted blankets can calm restless, tense, anxious, and over-stimulated children and adults at night, weighted lap pads are a great way to benefit from deep-touch therapy during the day. Weighted lap pads bring The Best Hug Ever to your sofa or recliner, so you can soothe your child during family time, or find some relief from RLS while you’re relaxing in front of the TV.
The weighted lap pads and weighted blankets for sale here are constructed to provide evenly distributed deep-touch pressure stimulation across the whole coverage area. These soft, comfortable lap pads and blankets come in a range of colors and patterns, and are covered with durable and washable fabric. They’re the easy, safe, drug-free way to soothe anxiety and insomnia due to ASD, RLS, or other conditions.

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Small (3lb) Lap Pad - Patterns
Small (3lb) Lap Pad - Patterns
Our Price: $33.99

Get comfort and relaxation on the go with a Weighted Lap Pad from Weighted Blankets Plus. Their soft fabric, comfortable filling material, and warming pressure offer the same experience as a Weighted Blanket, whether your at the office working, in a class learning or at a coffee shop lounging.