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Weighted Blankets for Autism Symptom Relief

If you’re looking for a safe and natural way to relieve symptoms of autism spectrum disorder and RLS, a weighted blanket or lap pad may be the right choice. Weighted blankets for autism provide deep touch sensory stimulation, which promotes the release of serotonin and can be calming for children and adults with autism spectrum disorder and other sensory processing issues.

Our therapeutic weighted blankets are available in a range of sizes for children and adults. But what if you need the comfort of a weighted blanket outside the home? Our small weighted lap buddy blankets make it easy to experience the warmth and comfort of a weighted blanket anywhere you go.

These small weighted blankets are the perfect size to carry with you to school, work, or on vacation. Spread one on your lap to relieve the symptoms of RLS, ease anxiety, or calm an anxious, agitated child. These weighted lap blankets are covered in soft cotton flannel or fleece and filled with tiny beads. Specialty patterns allow you to express yourself with your choice of blanket. Get yours today!