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As Cuddle Experts we believe that our customers should not have any unnecessary stress, so we cover all your shipping cost. On top of that, we hand make every order as we receive them, and we ship every order the very next business day. Now you can get "The Best Hug Ever" shipped fast, and shipped for free!

The Weighted Blanket has assisted countless individuals get the rest they desperately desired as an All-Natural Sleeping Aid. Weighted Blankets Plus offers therapeutic Weighted Blankets that are helpful for sleeping issues of many kinds, such as: Autism, Sleep Apnea, Restless Legs, Narcolepsy, Jet Lag, Shift work, Night Terrors, Work Related Stress, and Anxiety. Weighted Blankets Plus has even found that a Weighted Blanket can enhance sleep and calm anxiety and stress for people with no sleeping issues. The Weighted Blanket allows you to leave the sleeping pills in the cabinet and out of your system while still helping you get to sleep quickly as a Natural Sleep Aid. Not only is the Weighted Blanket calming, comfortable, and effective, but also Weighted Blankets Plus has them handmade in America by talented and dedicated seamstresses with high quality material. The Weighted Blanket is offered in 4 sizes designed just to cover the body, allowing for the most pressure possible. Along with that, all of Weighted Blankets Plus' products are shipped fast and free.

Cuddle up and get cozy with a Weighted Blanket from Weighted Blankets Plus. Their soft fabric, comfortable filling material, and warming pressure offer the best hug ever, whether you're lying on the couch, bed or lounge chair. With various pattern and color options made out of the best fabric available, these Weighted Blankets are built to last the test of time. Simply drop it in the washing machine to remove any dirt or stains and then toss it in the dryer so that you can use it again quickly. These Weighted Blankets can be ordered to match with any color or fabric in your house, allowing your blanket to make a statement as big as your personality.

Please keep our Weighted Blanket Warning in mind when purchasing a Weighted Blanket, click here to view warning.
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5LB Deluxe Weighted Blankets (52"x40") Solid Colors 6LB Deluxe Weighted Blankets (52"x40") Solid Colors 7LB Deluxe Weighted Blankets (52"x40") Solid Colors